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Qudos - Helping with your compliance needs

About Qudos

Qudos – Keeping it Simple.  What does this mean, and what are we all about?


To give Kudos means to give praise for an achievement. 
To give Qudos means to give praise for a Quality achievement.

I want to help you get good Qudos when it comes to showing new people, potential customers and auditors your quality systems.

I also want to help you get good Qudos with your employees, by training them in a fun and innovative way.  If your employees don’t really understand what they do, or why they do it – they will be more likely to take shortcuts.

Keeping it Simple

The easiest way for people to understand what your quality systems are about is by keeping them consistent, and easy to follow so that anyone, whether it is a new graduate, or a seasoned person that has been working there for years can understand it.

How do you build a rocket? One piece at a time!

Qudos playing with blocks

Key Personnel

Shirlene Moore

I am the owner of Qudos.  


Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years, I am passionate about ensuring companies achieve and maintain compliance.  Further to this I like to make sure they do so in a simple and sustainable way.


I love getting involved in problem solving and finding the root cause, and also seeing how other people do things when visiting them for an audit.


I am highly skilled in the Microsoft, and Google suites, so drop me a line if you would like a template, or just some basic training.

Click here to get in touch with Shirlene.