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Qudos - Helping with your compliance needs


Quality Systems Implementation

We can help you implement a new quality system, or help you improve an existing quality system.

A few examples include:

Preparing a list of must-have SOPs and forms,  setting up time-frames for completion of these documents, and help with writing the documents.

Preparing document templates so that your documents are standardised.

Help with implementing a document control or training systems.

lab auditor auditing a GMP laboratory for PICs purposes

GMP Gap Assessments

We can come to your site and help you complete a GMP gap assessment so you are confident of where you sit for your next audit.

If you want to do your own gap assessment we can provide you with a gap assessment training.  This comes with a free Excel gap assessment template and dashboard, saving you hours of work.

Click here to view details of the Gap Assessment Training Course.


One of our specialties is providing on-site, and off-site GMP, and audit readiness training.

The aim for all training is to make it fun and noteworthy.  You spend a lot of money on training, so we want to make sure that the tools we provide will help your staff for years to come.

Current Online Training:  
PIC/s GMP Gap Assessment Training

Current On-Site Training:
GMP Training
Root Cause Assessment Training
Customised GMP Training


Qudos can help you with the following audits:

– Supplier (raw material / packaging material)
– Internal (look at particular areas)
– Mock (a full examination of your systems)
– Documentation (a review of your SOPs)
– External (finished product / laboratory)


QA personnel spend a lot of time generating or helping others generate documents.  We can shave the time, and save you money by providing the following templates and training:

– SOP template with your company logo
– Form template with your company logo
– PIC/s Gap assessment dashboard 
– External audit template
– Internal audit template
– Root cause analysis excel template

Technical Writing

We can help you write technical documents that are:  

– Written in plain language
– User friendly with photos where applicable

– Plant specific
– PIC/s GMP compliant


We can help you:   

– Write IQ/OQ/PQ/PV Documents

– Perform validation

– Generate a Validation Master Plan

– Generate a Validation Schedule

Quality Inspection and Release

We can inspect and release products, and also examine any complaint samples.  This service is especially helpful for those that have only a small number of staff in New Zealand.  

quality release of product in warehouse